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You are a member of the Faunus, and as such you receive a unique trait of your heritage.

Prerequisite: This Feat can only be taken at 1st level

Benefit: You gain both a Faunus Type and a Faunus Trait (See below). The selected Faunus Trait must be applicable to your selected Faunus Type, unless given express permission otherwise by your Gamemaster. This Feat may be selected multiple times, but may only be taken at 1st level. Each time this Feat is taken, you receive an additional Faunus Trait.

Faunus Types
Aquatic Fish, Sharks, Squids Gills, Cold-Blooded
Canine Dogs, Wolves, Foxes Claws, Ears, Tail, Nose
Feline Cats, Lions, Pumas, Tigers Claws, Ears, Tail
Insectoid Bugs, Moths, Scorpions, Spiders Camouflage, Stinger, Webbing, Wings
Mammalian Any mammal not given their own Faunus Type Claws, Ears, Horns, Legs, Tail
Reptilian Reptiles, Geckos, Lizards Camouflage, Cold-Blooded, Tail
Faunus Traits
Camouflage Insectoid, Reptilian Your skin is color adaptive, allowing you to blend into the environment.
Cold-Blooded Aquatic, Reptilian Your body relies on the environment for warmth, allowing you to better survive in hot environments.
Claws Canine, Feline, Mammalian You possess razor-sharp Claws, which you can use to enhance your Unarmed attacks.
Enhanced Hearing Canine, Feline, Mammalian Your Faunus ancestry manifests itself in the form of animal ears, on top of your head.
Enhanced Legs Mammalian Your legs are that of your Faunus Type, giving you a boost in physical activities.
Gills Aquatic You possess aquatic gills, allowing you to survive below the water.
Horns Mammalian Your head is adorned with mighty horns, allowing you to make staggering attacks against your opponents.
Tail Canine, Feline, Mammalian, Reptilian You have a tail reminiscent of your Faunus Type, granting you better balance and finesse.
Stinger Insectoid Your insectoid ancestry manifests itself in the form of a poisonous stinger, giving you a dangerous weapon to employ against your enemies.
Webbing Insectoid You can secrete sticky webbing from your body, allowing you to entangle your enemies.
Wings Insectoid You possess a pair of delicate wings which, while incapable of true flight, allow you to survive falls from great heights.